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Qi Posture Exercises

Qi Posture: Meditating Buddha.

Adjust your body to increase your qi energy flow

For qi to flow freely through the body, it is necessary to have a good posture. Like with a water hose: if it is bent, the flow will stop.

       With the water hose as well as the posture, there is a degree of tolerance. The hose does not need to be completely straight in order for the water to run through it with ease, and the body must not be as straight as a pine tree for qi to flow through it. On the other hand - if you want to get a veritable fountain of qi, then the bodily channels need to be straightened, and the posture needs to approach perfection.

       When you work on your posture, you will by time become aware of how adjustments so small that they measure less than an inch can still cause veritable leaps in the development of your qi flow and well-being.

       Do not bother to be too meticulous at first. That only causes tensions to sneak up on your body unnoticed. But at length, do not settle for anything less than perfection - a posture that makes your body feel like a living pillar between Heaven and Earth, like the mythical pillar that holds up the world.

Infant posture.        Man is born with an instinct for the correct posture. When infants learn to walk, they are excellent examples. Their backs are straight, their bellies protrude, and so on. But then we put them in ergonomically doubtful chairs, dress them with clothes that limit their agility, and demand of them to bend for hours over schoolbooks or computer screens. Soon, their good posture is history.

       Years later, when they try to reestablish a good posture, they have to counter a long time of bad habits, which have become reflexes. The body has learned a faulty order, and it practically creaks when it is forced to relearn. You can correct you posture momentarily, without too much trouble, but to get a lasting result and give the body a new habit, you need persistence. Otherwise your body falls back to old ways.

Qi Posture Exercises

Here is a set of simple exercises by which to improve your posture. That's essential in order to increase your qi energy flow. I recommend that you do them in the given order, when you try them out. Once you've become familiar with them, you can do them in any order you please. Trust your instincts.

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This is a chapter from my book Qi: Increase your Life energy.


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