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Qi Relaxation Exercise 6

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Unfortunately, for this exercise you need a tool. That says something about how rarely we assume this position. You simply need something to hang from. Outside of the gym hall of a school, that is not so easy to find. If you do not find anything suitable, you might be unable to do this exercise. Donít worry about it. It is not essential. Try it once or twice, when you have the opportunity, and that is fine.

       Even if you have the means of repeating it as often as you like, you really need not do it frequently Ė unless you notice that it does a lot of good for you.

How to do it

  1. Initially you are standing up, of course. It is good if you have few and loose clothes. Especially, you should not have anything tight around your waist, hips, or legs.

  2. Grab the tool you have found to hang from, and heave yourself up until your feet leave the floor Ė without you having to bend your legs.

  3. Hang for a little while and breathe calmly. You can also swing your legs around a little, and wag your hips. Feel how free they are, when they do not need to work on holding up your body. When you hang like this, your hips can actually be more relaxed than when you lie down on the floor.

  4. Stop when it gets too straining for your arms. Take a short break and repeat, if you have the strength. You can continue as long as your legs and hips enjoy it, and the muscles of your arms donít protest too much.

Hang qi exercise.

       In many ways, the hips are the power center for your whole body, and the legs carry the whole load. They deserve a break. This exercise also helps you feel their condition. If your hips are unevenly strained, you should feel it when you hang there. And when your legs hang freely you will mainly notice in what shape your knees are.

       As you stand on the floor again, you should try to avoid a straining body posture. It should be easy enough, with the help of what you learned about your body when hanging there.

Qi Relaxation Exercises

Here is a set of simple exercises by which to make your body relax. That's important to release your body enough to increase your qi energy flow. I recommend you to follow the order given below, at least in the beginning, when you familiarize yourself with the exercises and what they do to you. After that, you can choose according to your own needs.

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