Qi Energy Exercises


Qi Energy Exercises

How to awaken and increase your Qi (Chi) energy flow

Qi energy exercises.

The following exercises are methodically combined to develop a natural and vitalizing flow of qi. Their order is important, at least to begin with. When you’ve had some experience with them, it is no longer necessary to stick to the order. You can use your yearning and instinct to choose between them.

The Book

QI — increase your life energy. Book by Stefan Stenudd. Qi — Increase Your Life Energy

The life energy qi (also chi or ki) explained, with several very easy exercises to awaken, increase, and use it. Click the image to see the book at Amazon (paid link).

       You will also quickly notice what exercises you need to continue with, and which ones you can do rarely or ignore completely. You are the one doing them, and for yourself only. Therefore you are the one best suited to judge how they function, and to what extent you need them.

       You may also want to modify some of them. That is fine, even recommendable, since it increases your ability to know yourself. But wait with the modifications until you are convinced that you are on the right track. At first, you need to experience how the exercises affect you, what they make you feel. If you hurry to adapt them before you feel how they work, you risk getting lost, and the exercises might cease to function as they should.

       The exercises are primarily designed to increase your ability to read and correct yourself. So, listen to how it feels, whatever exercise you do. How does it work, how do you and your body awareness change, what shortcomings do you come across, and how do you progress? You can reason in terms of before and after, like in the TV ads for all kinds of miracle cure products.

       At first you will notice a quick change, but then your development will be slower. This does not mean that your ability to improve through the exercises has diminished. Instead, it is your capacity to correct yourself that is sharpened. Your awareness of how much more you can improve increases. Of course, these are important advances, but they can make you feel like you are standing still or even getting worse.

       If this happens, consider the before and after. Compare to how it was before you started with these exercises. You will notice that you are always improving.

One snag

These exercises are very effective. You will make noticeable progress shortly. In addition, they are childishly simple. They demand almost no agility, physical strength, good condition, or any other athletic ability. They do not even take a long time to complete. It sounds too good to be true, and of course there is one snag:

       You have to repeat them regularly, for a lot of days.

       Even if you feel that you have made considerable progress in just a few days, you should not settle with that and stop the exercises. If you do, there is a great risk that you return to square one. This is because the exercises cultivate such basic things as posture and breathing, which have become parts of the everyday behavior that runs automatically, by the autonomous nervous system. You have to establish new habits with how you breathe and what posture you assume. You need new automatics that prohibit the old bad habits from reappearing. That takes time.

       It does not help if you do the exercises for several hours each day, during an initial intense period. It is not even recommendable. A few times in a row is enough for most of the exercises. Persisting beyond that is meaningless. Instead, you must count on needing to repeat these changes of your behavior for months, maybe years.

       I dare to claim that it will not be monotonous, since your progress has its own rewards, and they are magnificent. So be patient. Make the firm decision to invest a good portion of your future in this. If you do, the effects of the exercises will be more profound from day one, than if you just felt like testing them a bit.


Certainly, you should constantly ask yourself if you find it meaningful to continue with the exercises. You are not supposed to turn into some passive machine. On the contrary, only if you wholeheartedly devote yourself to the exercises will they do their good. If you are doubtful or lose interest, you might as well stop with them.

       The aim of all these exercises is to return to the natural behavior, to wake up the inspired entity that dozes inside each of us, after years of misuse. Therefore, the body will feel increasingly liberated, as you work on with the exercises. Your senses will delight in the progress, and each advance you make will feel joyous. Your body will be filled with excitement and long to continue, with the eagerness that children show in front of the cakes in a bakery.

       If it does not feel like that, if some exercise is instead uncomfortable and strenuous – then you should take it as a sign that something is not right. Maybe you do the exercise slightly incorrectly, maybe you do it longer and repeat it more often than necessary, or you may have some bodily ailment that complicates matters (although little stands in the way of these simple movements). If so, then try to make the necessary corrections before you continue.

       On the other hand: if it feels joyous and liberating, you can just move right on. You do it correctly and have no need of pondering it.

Qi Energy Exercises

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This is a chapter of my book Qi: Increase your Life energy.

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QI — increase your life energy. Book by Stefan Stenudd.

Qi — Increase Your Life Energy

The life energy qi (also chi or ki) explained, with several very easy exercises to awaken, increase, and use it.

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